kaay holdings australia

My name is Robert and I invented KAAY in my twenties.

KAAY is not only the surname of myself and my family, but various acronyms for what my family and businesses strive to achieve every day.

KAAY is now much bigger than just myself, but I feel it necessary to explain how we got here.

I was lucky enough to be in primary school when the first ever personal computers were invented, along with the very first basic programming languages. I found programming in C, Turbo C, Pascal and Basic very easy and it made more sense to me than everyday life. It was structured and everything was created in simple steps. One step at a time, to achieve the end result.

As well as technology, I was also into music. I liked the process of writing a song, one step at a time, to achieve the end result.

At the age of 20, I needed a break from my Information Technology studies and wanted to expose the songs I had written to a lot of people so they could enjoy them too. So, I started a band.

This soon saw me living a life as a professional musician. I wrote music, played bass guitar (the best instrument ever invented) and, most importantly, I was the business management and marketing division of the bands I was in.

In my late-twenties, as manager of my own bands, I had successfully built one of my bands into a sellable “brand” which saw us being signed to Columbia Records (SONY BMG) in New York for a large six-figure, seven-album record deal. Every major record label in the world tried to sign us at that time. It saw me moving to Los Angeles and touring America and Australia playing music every single day until I was 32.

After I succeeded as far as you can go in the music business, I found my next passion as an author. I spent my early thirties writing two autobiographies about my time in the music business and then followed that up with two full-length fantasy novels. “Silverbirch”​ cracked the Top 10 most popular ebook list for Science Fiction when it was released on Amazon.com (even though the Silverbirch novels are urban fantasy.. go figure?).

Next, I visited 28 countries in 10 months with my girlfriend who became my best friend and wife. It was the best adventure either of us had ever been on and it changed our lives. Travelling is so important.

Now, I’m currently raising a young family and running my own company based in Perth which comprises of the following businesses (and growing):

Organic IT Services (organicITservices.com.au) A Specialised Data Centre Environmental Control company, currently servicing BHP Billiton, Shell Australia, Red Cross, Queen Elizabeth II Children’s Hospital, BGC Contracting, Dampier to Bunbury Pipeline and we are currently developing a working partnership with Schneider Electric, John Holland Group and Broad Constructions.

Aussie On Tour (aussieontour.com.au) Hotels, Flights, Cruises. I literally own hundreds of travel websites, including AussieHotels.com(,) AussieFlights.com(,) AussieCruises.com(,) AccommodationSydney.com(,) SydneyAccommodation.com.au(,) PerthHotels.com.au, AccommodationPerth.com(,) MelbourneHotels.com.au (and all the equivalent **accommodation.com and **hotels.com.au domain names) These websites are currently being heavily developed…

Domain Broker Australia (domainbrokeraustralia.com.au) I help businesses buy and sell premium domain names.

Organic Technology (organictechnology.com.au) Technology Delivery and Installation service, servicing Perth’s biggest technology retail stores, including The Good Guys and Retravision.

I ensure both my staff and myself are extremely reliable, punctual, passionate and unrelenting in our approach of ensuring our creative endeavours and businesses get over the line.